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12 Steps to a Closer Walk with God:
The Workbook

By Don Umphrey

ISBN-13 978-0-9714958-2-1
ISBN-10 0-9714958-2-3

(Paperback, 8½ x 11" format, 144 pages)


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12 Steps to a Closer Walk with God:  The Workbook



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Review by Dennis Loyd, Associate Editor, Gospel Advocate Magazine

Don Umphrey is better known for earlier works of biography and history, but his book, based on the 12-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous, offers a spiritual dimension to that successful plan. He has chosen the subtitle "Biblical Questions to Illuminate Your Path to Recovery" to show how God's Word can provide the direction and guidance to change troubled lives.

The workbook format includes personal but anonymous accounts to illustrate each of the steps. Then several pages of questions and assignments follow replete with biblical stories and texts to supplement and complement the material supplied by the participant. Umphrey illustrates with his selection of Scripture the truth we have all known and preached that God?s Word covers all life situations. We just need to look for it and to hear its message.

The book should encourage churches to set up their own 12-step recovery program as a help to members and as an outreach to the community. The material is here; the needs are certainly present everywhere. A willing eldership and a capable leader could get a successful group functioning.

- Gospel Advocate Magazine, December, 2003, page 4