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12 Steps to a Closer Walk with God:
The Workbook, Second Edition

By Don Umphrey

ISBN-13 978-1-937766-14-6

(Paperback, 8½ x 11" format, 177 pages)


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12 Steps to a Closer Walk with God:  The Workbook



Have you been:

  - Deceived by a lie from Satan like Adam and Eve?

  - In denial like David during his affair with Bathsheba?

  - In a pig pen like the lost son?

  - Letting fear dictate your actions like the children of Israel when they
     arrived at the Promised Land?

  - Sinking in a storm like Peter when he tried to walk on water?

  - Or having a even deeper experience like Jonah after he tried to run
     away from God?

Walk in the shoes of these biblical characters and many, many more.


This workbook does more than tell readers about the biblical basis of the steps to recovery. It involves readers in a study that takes them throughout the Bible while they put the 12 steps to work in their lives. It is an invaluable guide to Christian recovery.

The premise of this workbook is that the 12 steps used by recovery groups take people from the slavery of addiction to the freedom of a God-centered life through Jesus Christ. It may be used by people suffering from any type of addiction.

This workbook may be used as:

  - A text by Christian recovery groups

  - An aid to Bible-believing people in recovery programs

  - A tool for pastoral counselors working with people suffering from
    any type of addictive behavior

   - The curriculum for Bible studies by non-addicted Christian people


12 Steps to a Closer Walk with God: The Workbook was written to be used in conjunction with the New International Version of the Bible.


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Each chapter contains:

  • An overview of a step
  • A first-person story pertaining to that step
  • Biblical passages and fill-ins that make the steps come alive
  • Markers to chart spiritual growth

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