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Deliver Us I:
Recognizing the Influence of Evil
on the Road to Redemption

(This book is the re-titled and revised second edition of
Seeking Spiritual Clarity: The Murky Perspective of Evil, released in 2009)

By Don Umphrey

ISBN-13 978-1-937766-07-8

(191-page trade paperback)
12 chapters illustrated with 4 full-page graphics


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Deliver Us I: Recognizing the Influence of Evil on the Road to Redemption


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How Does the Source of Evil Impact Our Everyday Lives?

This book describes:
    The deception of temptation,
    the descent toward spiritual blindness,
    and deciding factors that prompt repentance.

Deliver Us I: Recognizing the Influence of Evil on the Road to Redemption does not deal with angels, demons or spiritual warfare in the invisible world. Rather, it focuses on temptation and the effects of evil in the visible world in which we eat, sleep, play and work.

This volume gives readers a biblically based description of why people believe Satan's lies and the increasingly uncomfortable journey toward spiritual blindness that follows. Finally, it describes why individuals may leave the Satan-led downward spiral to seek spiritual clarity through Jesus Christ.

The author draws upon numerous scriptures,
other Christian writers, and his own prodigal past.

12 chapters, each with questions for small-group discussion.

Topics, Summaries and a Quotation from Each Chapter.

Chapter One-The True Source of Evil
A contrast between seven perspectives of Satan that are prevalent in our society and the biblical view. Contrasts false views of Satan to biblical views.

"The temptations you face reflect Satan's very nature as the origin and epitome of evil." p. 14

Chapter Two-Playing God
Satan attempted to take over as God. All temptations faced by humans reflect Satan's rebellion against The Almighty. If people succumb to the devil's enticement, it puts them at odds with the first commandment and what Jesus described as the greatest commandment.

"The devil calls God a liar and claims to have more knowledge than God. Who else would say this except someone who thinks he is God?" p. 24

Chapter Three-Me-Me-Me
As a God-pretender, the devil attempted to put himself in the middle of the universe. When people submit to evil, they take on Satan's world-view and expect the world to revolve around them.

"Where is God in this picture? We've already seen Satan's scenario for God's place in the universe when he attempted to get Jesus to bow down and worship him." p. 39

Chapter Four-Liar
All temptations are lies. At the outset there seems to be something positive to gain, but in the long-term, all who "take the bait" travel on a downward spiral.

"When you are tempted, look past the attractive wrapping to examine all the potential ugly contents of the package. Always think of the possible long-term consequences." p. 57

Chapter Five-Illusions of Power and Control
Satan failed in his attempt to exert control and pull off the greatest power play in the history of the universe. There are numerous ways to emulate Satan and attempt to demonstrate our power in our little corner of the world.

"When you take the power offered by Satan, it ends up with you being powerless. On the other hand, God's power demonstrates itself through our humility." p. 67

Chapter Six-Denial
After people believe the lie, they start lying to themselves. This affects their perspective of everything in the world around them.

"People in denial also believe they are correct in whatever they do. As long as they continue in denial, they will not apologize. If they did, it would necessitate that they change the direction of their lives." p. 79
This chapter also includes a case study, "A King in Denial."

Chapter Seven-Animal
The devil appeared to Eve as a serpent and is described throughout the Bible with animal-like qualities. The source of evil would have us act like an animal while we deny that we are made in God's image.

"Does a wide-spread belief that we are descendants of animals account for all the ills of our society? No, not by itself. But a starting point as to what defines the very core of humanity not only affects the journey but also the destination." p. 105

Chapter Eight-Backward
With continuing denial over a period time for people caught up in sin, the perspective of evil finally turns into a complete spiritual blackout. This allows Satan to lead them directly away from Jesus.

"After making some observations of the world around you, have you ever had the feeling that things were backward? Maybe you were right. In Satan's world, things are backward. Starting in the Bible, there is plenty to back up this notion." p. 114

Chapter Nine-Self-Destruction
This is the end result of "playing God." Satan has pioneered this path and wants us to follow him all the way to hell. Individuals who are self-destructing serve as agents of self-destruction in the lives of others.

"We make daily choices similar to those spelled out by Moses between God or god, life or death, light or darkness, being restored to a face-to-face relationship with our Creator in Heaven or following Satan to the second death." p. 125

Chapter Ten-A Moment of Clarity
The prodigal son from Jesus' parable "came to his senses" and realized that he was starving to death. Such a moment lifts the veil of denial far enough for individuals to take a good look at themselves. What brings about a moment of clarity? Discomfort, an intervention, and/or self-examination.

"The moment of clarity may lead people to conclude that they should change their path in life. They may seek new information rather than justify the same old lifestyle in the same old manner. They then may act on this new information." pp. 141-142

Chapter Eleven-Repentance and Confession
After people experience a moment of clarity, they may start seeking God by repenting of past wrongs and changing the overall direction of their lives. Confession follows repentance.

"It became clear that I had been wrong about many things. This kind of self-assessment was new to me. In my denial, I had previously justified all of my actions while avoiding personal responsibility for them. I was undergoing a process of repentance, although I would not have labeled it as such at the time." p. 156.

Chapter 12-Humility and Pride
Both of these words are often misunderstood. They are defined and illustrated in this concluding chapter to give readers a comparison between Jesus who possesses total humility and Satan with absolute pride.

"We will strive to reach a point where there is no gap between the way we see ourselves and the way God sees us. That means that we would have 100% humility. Due to the distorted vision of living in this fallen world, however, we will fall short of this goal. In the end, Jesus will make up the difference for us, enabling us to have the face-to-face relationship with our Creator that was enjoyed by Adam and Eve." p. 180


Press Comments --------------------------------------------------------------------

5.0 out of 5 stars- Learn How Satan Influences You and What You Can Do About It
"This is a much needed book and I am delighted that Don Umphrey has written it. Too many people do not have a good understanding of Satan and how he influences our lives - right now in the 21st Century.

The author clearly explains how Satan influences us, why we believe his lies and the primrose path that leads to our destruction as a result. The book shows how spiritually blind we become and then shows how we can climb out of the black pit we find ourselves in by seeking spiritual clarity through Jesus Christ.

The book is very well written and has plenty of room for note taking. At the end of each chapter are questions for self-examination and group discussion so the book is well suited for personal as well as group use. Mr. Umphrey writes from personal experience and a firm foundation in Biblical wisdom.

I look forward to more of his writings."

S. O. Brennan "Executive Director, Christians in Recovery", Tequesta, FL