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Deliver Us II:
Discovering Your Idols on the
Path to the Promised Land

By Don Umphrey

ISBN-13 978-1-937766-06-1

(235-page trade paperback)
19 chapters illustrated with 2 photos and 16 images


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Deliver Us II: Discovering Your Idols on the Path to the Promised Land


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This volume describes parallels between the spiritual journey taken by the Hebrews as slaves in ancient Egypt and our Christian walk today.

Are we willing to break ties with our slave-world culture to set out for the Promised Land? If yes, will we focus on the idols visible in the rear-view mirror that beckon us to return? Or will we walk by faith and rely on our Creator to get us there?

Tracing the footsteps of the children of Israel, readers will discover idols previously hidden from their view while learning practical lessons in avoiding obstacles on the road ahead.

The book includes:
*Scriptural references throughout;
* Small-group discussion questions in each chapter;
* First-person examples from the author's prodigal past;
* Insights from other Christian authors.

Chapter topics:

Part I--The Land of Slavery

 1. A Decision
 2. Straddling the Fence
 3. The Heart of the Matter
 4. Uncovering Idols
 5. Idols in Hiding
 6. A Powerful Demonstration
 7. Denial by the Nile
 8. Leaving the Land of Slavery

Part II--Into the Desert

 9. Big Changes
10. Here's to Your Health
11. Manna Lessons
12. There's a Word for It
13. Who Me? Certainly Not
14. The Boomerang Effect of Judging
15. A Hot Tamale Hunger
16. Well, Shut My Mouth
17. Fear or Faith?
18. "Early the Next Morning"
19. Our Key to Getting There


Press Comments --------------------------------------------------------------------

"This book is an excellent tool for Christians who are still struggling with old habits that just might look like sin from God's perspective.

Umphrey takes a walk with the Hebrew slaves that Moses leads out of Egypt, comparing many of their behaviors with some that just might be a problem in the lives of many today. The most frequent example that he chooses is one he knows all too well: himself.

He uses the choices he made as a youth and young man to drink, often to excess in order to feel more confident and have more fun. This habit led to dependence on alcohol, which eventually caused panic attacks and feelings that he might be mentally ill. It took a long time before he realized that he might be an alcoholic, and that there might be a causal relationship to the mental stress he continued to experience.

After he decided to quit drinking and even returned to church, he still clung to some old habits, which he effectively compares to the Hebrew people's longing for the "good things" of Egypt, once they had entered the desert on the way to the Promised Land.

Most readers will recognize some of these modern "idols," which one of Umphrey's sources, Timothy Keller, defines as "...anything you seek to give you what only God can give." This book will lead to some eye-opening self-examination and give readers an opportunity to reflect on what is really the most important goal of our lives: to serve and honor God and God alone."

Vicki Goode, "The Goode Word: Shabbyblogs.com"