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The Meanest Man in Texas,
3rd Edition

By Don Umphrey

ISBN-13 978-0-9714958-6-9
ISBN-10 0-9714958-6-6

(trade paperback, 284 pages, 8 photo pages)



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The Meanest Man in Texas, 3rd Edition



A true story...

The amazing and miraculous true story of Clyde Thompson. He killed two men when he was 17 years old. The year was 1928 and the place was rural west Texas. He was nearly lynched while awaiting trial and then was sent to death row.

Thompson's killing streak didn't stop there. Nor did his desire to escape from prison. Prison officials finally gave him The Meanest Man in Texas moniker, and the prison chaplain said he was a man without a soul. Without hope, Thompson reached out for help. Then his life started to change.

Press Comments --------------------------------------------------------------------

". . . colorful and graphic ... a fine and personal protest against prison brutality ... a tale worth telling and well told."

Wayne Hawley, Rocky Mountain Christian


"... a graphic picture of conditions in the Texas penal system ... a love story that defies logic and parental objections."

Beth Pratt, Associated Press


"Here was a man who watched the lynch mob as they hung 'Santa Claus' ... who watched prisoner after prisoner walk down death row ... who finally came to realize why he was spared that walk."

Michael Dale Moore, Scenes